Horse Guided Healing Sanctuary

Sound Healing Session

It is time to pamper yourself!

A Sound Healing Session is a choice to set aside time

for your mind, body and soul to rest, recover, rejuvenate and heal.

Experience deep relaxation in a nourishing and

the nurturing environment with Nicole

and her equine partners holding space for you to heal deeply.

Sessions can be held outside in the pasture with the horses

or inside the beautiful studio loft above the barn.

During the session the horses are asked to mirror

what we need to see and feel in order to heal.

Their behaviours and responses shine light

on your road map to look within and heal.

Sound healing instruments may include

~ Quantum Sound Healing frequency tracks played on the Miracle iQube

creating an immersive energetic resonance bath.

~ Tibetan sound healing bowls

~ Crystal bowls

~ Drumming & symbols

Contact us for more information or to book your private Sound Healing Session

Sound Healing Session